alternative to voip gateways

Mark Delany k3f at
Mon May 11 01:24:45 UTC 2020

> wasnt there a hige shit stom in australia for their new national
> broadband network making internet ptrimary and phone secondary, a lot
> of aussies on forums I frequent bitch about its reliability, where
> even their aged copper services worked fine, not to mention prolonged
> outages due to storms and the bushfires they had recently,  lets hope
> the world learns from australias mistakes and not go down that path.

There are still a few complaints every now and again but fixed line
numbers are continuing to drop off a cliff and those residential
services which remain have almost all been converted to VOIP via home
gateway with an FXS port.

Mobile/Cell is where most people ended up. Especially since you can
get unlimited calls/txt with some data for about ten bucks a month.

It also helps that a number of the mobile providers include
wifi-calling so mobile is a viable alternative even in weak cell
coverage areas if you have internet.

Yes, everyone knows about the reliability/power-failure arguments but
in the latest set of bushfires whole exchanges, backhaul services and
power distribution cables were destroyed so 8 hours of battery backed
up POTS in a local exchange didn't help much.


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