NORAD no-fail mission - Cheyenne Mountain complex re-activated

Sean Donelan sean at
Sun May 10 23:19:16 UTC 2020

In 2008, NORAD changed its Cheyenne Mount Complex to a backup command 
center.  NORAD's day-to-day early warning mission was moved to Peterson 
Air Force Base.  The Cheyeene Mount Complex was kept ready as a 'warm 
backup' and skeleton maintenance and training crews.

In late February 2020, NORAD split its operation staff into two watch 
centers and re-activated the Cheyenne Mountain Complex. Crews do not 
physically interact with the other watch crews to minimize an infection 
impacting both command centers.  When off-duty, they stay in separate 
quarters in distant areas on Peterson AFB.

Of course, not everyone has a mountain lair on standby.  I've also heard 
some electric grid operators made similar staffing changes.  The ISO 
operation staff is split into seperate crews, which physically isolate on 
and off-duty during their 7 or 14-day watches.

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