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Sat Dec 26 05:32:49 UTC 2020

Another way to phrase the question (which was the subject of much
dispute 30 years ago) is:

Which would you rather have (I'll use modern speeds):

1gb flat rate

10gb metered

Where metered 10gb could cost less than 1gb when you don't use it, or
about the same at ~1gb, but more if you use >1gb?

It's possible this pricing model is reawakening.

Back then I argued the bigger pipe / metered was preferable. Then
again it was mostly non-residential.

But admittedly most seemed to prefer the lower speed unmetered. They
preferred the billing predicatibilty and didn't like the idea that a
"power user" (in the residential context that might be "kids") could
jack up the bill.

I suppose that depends a lot on what the actual prices of a flat-rate
1gb vs a fully saturated 10gb. If it's $50 vs $100/mo perhaps some
would say ok I'll risk the $50 overage, if it's $50 vs $500/mo maybe

And today we have bandwidth-shaping in most any router/cpe (or could)
so even with the 10gb/metered someone in the house with the password
could rate-limit except when they needed it :-)

        -Barry Shein

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