10g residential CPE

Mark Tinka mark.tinka at seacom.com
Sat Dec 26 06:05:43 UTC 2020

On 12/26/20 07:32, bzs at theworld.com wrote:

> Another way to phrase the question (which was the subject of much
> dispute 30 years ago) is:
> Which would you rather have (I'll use modern speeds):
> 1gb flat rate
> 10gb metered
> Where metered 10gb could cost less than 1gb when you don't use it, or
> about the same at ~1gb, but more if you use >1gb?
> It's possible this pricing model is reawakening.
> Back then I argued the bigger pipe / metered was preferable. Then
> again it was mostly non-residential.
> But admittedly most seemed to prefer the lower speed unmetered. They
> preferred the billing predicatibilty and didn't like the idea that a
> "power user" (in the residential context that might be "kids") could
> jack up the bill.
> I suppose that depends a lot on what the actual prices of a flat-rate
> 1gb vs a fully saturated 10gb. If it's $50 vs $100/mo perhaps some
> would say ok I'll risk the $50 overage, if it's $50 vs $500/mo maybe
> not.

It's all the sales & marketing people trying to find new ways to sell 
the same bandwidth so they can keep getting their annual bonuses. Has 
nothing to do with trying to move the state-of-the-art forward :-).

If the price differential between 1Gbps flat and 10Gbps metered is not 
that great, many (not all) will prefer the higher bandwidth, especially 
if it comes with "plenty" of data (say 1TB/month). The customer feels 
like they are getting more for their money, and the provider knows there 
is no chance the customer will ever hit 10Gbps, meaning they don't need 
to roll out network, and can up profits.

Today, if I switched providers, for the same amount of money I am paying 
now, I'd be able to get a 1Gbps service, easy. I don't do it because 
packet loss (or lack thereof) is more important to me than more 
bandwidth. The backhaul provider I use is also a customer of mine that I 
know knows how to run a decent network. I'd not risk potential packet 
loss by switching to a provider who can give me 5X the bandwidth for the 
same price, especially because overall performance of the home won't 
gain much beyond the 200Mbps I currently have.

But, as they say, YMMV.


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