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John Levine johnl at iecc.com
Fri Dec 25 22:32:35 UTC 2020

In article <3b0bc95b-c741-7561-1692-75fac74d5883 at mtcc.com> you write:
>I'd definitely appreciate symmetric, or at least better in upstream. 
>Obviously zoom and all of that has made a lie of us not needing 
>upstream. It would make cloud based "filesystems" more feasible too.
>But the larger point is why bother going to all of that effort if you're 
>just going roll it out with low bandwidth? I mean, 100Mbps isn't even 
>competitive with cable these days. But they're a somewhat crazy amalgam. 
>They have POTS everywhere, cable tv everywhere, cable IP in some areas 
>and DSL in others. I wish I knew somebody there to talk to this about 
>because it's really odd.

I agree it is odd to make 100/100 the top speed. The fiber service I
have from my local non-Bell telco offers 100/100, 500/500, and
1000/1000. FiOS where you can get it goes to 940/880.

The obvious guess is that their upstream bandwidth is
underprovisioned, or maybe they figure 100/100 is all they need to
compete in that particular market.

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