[External] Re: 10g residential CPE

Michael Thomas mike at mtcc.com
Fri Dec 25 20:49:42 UTC 2020

On 12/25/20 12:40 PM, Chris Adams wrote:
> The other aspect of it is that we're doing these downloads while
> continuing to play other games and chat (both things sensitive to
> latency).  Some have family/roommates in the home, so they may be
> streaming audio and/or video at the same time.  Do we fill up a gigabit?
> No, probably not... but we'd notice if we had a lot less.

But using the right queuing disciplines it a lot cheaper than the brute 
force and ignorance of just upping the bandwidth, right?

It seems really surprising after almost a decade of discovery of 
bufferbloat that most CPE are still doing tail drops.


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