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Cory Sell corysell at protonmail.com
Fri Dec 25 19:39:18 UTC 2020

I saturate my 1G connection most during game downloads, file downloads/uploads, full backup uploads, etc.

I also self-host a lot of services for personal use and having that peak speed is really nice when you need it. It also had no traffic limit per month which is my biggest complaint about the lower tier services and also a huge complaint I have with regards to the direction that residential services are moving towards.

On Fri, Dec 25, 2020 at 1:27 PM, Michael Thomas <mike at mtcc.com> wrote:

> On 12/25/20 11:04 AM, Mark Tinka wrote:
>> On 12/25/20 20:10, Hunter Fuller via NANOG wrote:
>>> It would meet some customers’ needs because multiple people could use 1G of service at a time. I think it is interesting to distinguish “>1G CPE” from “true 10G CPE” and I suspect many / most customers are looking for the former.
>> Large upstream capacity has always been about aggregation of the downstream.
> Can I ask a really dumb question? Consider it an xmas present. I know this sounds like "nobody needs more than 640k", but how can household possibly need a gig let alone 10g? I'm still on 25mbs DSL, have cut the cord so all tv, etc is over the net. If I really cared and wanted 4k I could probably upgrade to a 50mbs service and be fine. Admittedly it's just the two of us here, but throw in a couple of kids and I still don't see how ~100mbs isn't sufficient let alone 1 or 10G. Am I missing something really stupid?
> Mike
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