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The building is an ILEC CO and wire centre.

It is the main local transiting interconnect 
point for voice services in the 470 LATA, and 
also one of the toll tandems for the region.

At 02:18 PM 25/12/2020, Andy Ringsmuth wrote:
>Certainly thankful no serious injuries or fatalities in this clusterblank.
>It seems the AT&T building at 185 2nd Ave N may 
>have been a target, which would explain the 
>timing (holiday morning when no one is out, as 
>opposed to a holiday evening when there would be 
>mass casualties). A little curious what that 
>building has. Is it just a big co-lo place? Regional CLEC/ILEC?
>No earth-shattering revelations here. Admittedly 
>just bored on a slow Christmas Day when my wife 
>is at work (nurse) and kid is playing with a new 
>tablet and I’m just watching the news trying 
>to understand/figure out a little what and why.
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