Are the days of the showpiece NOC office display gone forever?

Robert Brockway robert at
Wed Dec 23 04:58:32 UTC 2020

On Thu, 17 Dec 2020, Tom Beecher wrote:

>> I'm sure when the automation is perfect and widespread to the point that
>> it catches and alerts on every network event, the monitoring rooms will
>> disappear.
> The chances of this happening are exactly 0%.

Indeed.  More broadly, a lot of people have tried to get rid of operations 
staff and suffered the consequences.

> Contrary to what salespeople will say, the answer is not 100% automation,
> or 100% humans. The proper answer is an often changing combination of the
> two.

Exactly.  There is an argument to be said that human operators are 
actually part of the computer system.  This is implied in terms like 
'wetware' but not often explicitely stated.

If the last 50 years has shown us anything it is that humans and computers 
working together can achieve far more than either in isolation.



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