BGP prefix filter list

Dan White dwhite at
Wed May 15 13:52:47 UTC 2019

On 05/15/19 13:44 +0000, Phil Lavin wrote:
>> We recently filtered out >=/24 prefixes since we're impacted by 768k day.
>What kind of network are you running? Doing such prefix filtering on an
>eyeball network strikes me as insane - you'd be cutting off customers from
>huge swathes of the Internet (including small companies like us) that don't
>have large IPv4 sequential allocations.

We're an eyeball network. We accept default routes from our transit
providers so in theory there should be no impact on reachability.

I'm pretty concerned about things that I don't know due to inefficient
routing, e.g. customers hitting a public anycast DNS server in the wrong
location resulting in Geolocation issues.

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