A Zero Spam Mail System [Feedback Request]

Forrest Christian (List Account) lists at packetflux.com
Thu Feb 21 02:01:40 UTC 2019

On Wed, Feb 20, 2019 at 1:24 PM Matthew Black <Matthew.Black at csulb.edu> wrote:
> Have you ever created a sendmail.cf without using M4?

I still believe that sendmail is Alien technology.  How else can one
explain sendmail.cf?    And although I can't say for sure that I
created a sendmail.cf from scratch without using the M4 macros, I can
say for sure that I've definitely edited/modified/hacked an existing
sendmail.cf file which wasn't working as one would expect.   I'm also
not 100% certain that m4 was even an option for the first sendmail
install I did...  my first sendmail setup was probably 25 years ago at
this point.

I guess I can add my $0.02 to this thread since it resurrected:

There have been lots and lots of solutions proposed over the years
which would have 'solved' spam in one way or another.   Micropayments,
authentication, encryption, etc.   Each had their strengths and
weaknesses.   But at this point, pretty much every 'new' solution
seems to just be a rehash of an old idea, quite possibly because the
person proposing the new solution isn't aware of the past history.

I do wonder if some of the old suggested solutions might be more
viable today, just because of the increase of computing power
available.   For example, some of the cryptographic signature-based
systems might pay to be revisited since cryptography has become
relatively inexpensive CPU-wise.

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