BGP topological vs centralized route reflector

Mark Tinka mark.tinka at
Fri Feb 15 07:52:18 UTC 2019

On 14/Feb/19 17:02, Aaron Gould wrote:

> To not get off-topic too much, since you mentioned MX204, please tell me, do you know if it is a nice MPLS P/PE box ?  If so, is it quite capable in its ability to do L3 VPN's, L2 VPN's (l2circuit mainly, but also curious of vpls, evpn).

We've started ordering them as our new peering and border routers.
However, we shall also be using them as high-capacity Metro-E routers,
where customers need 10Gbps hand-off, with a 100Gbps backbone.

> Actually I'm considering it as a router for my ENNI hand-offs to 3rd party neighboring networks where I hand-off vlans (double tagged) for various enterprise customers and cbh towers, etc.... then I would carry that probably in a l2circuit from that MX204 to the utter-most parts of my mpls cloud.  I would want to police at that subinterface (unit) level to limit traffic for obviously what they buy.
> MX204 be good for that ?

I'm sure it will be - it's an MPC7 in a cage :-).


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