BGP topological vs centralized route reflector

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Thu Feb 14 15:02:07 UTC 2019

To not get off-topic too much, since you mentioned MX204, please tell me, do you know if it is a nice MPLS P/PE box ?  If so, is it quite capable in its ability to do L3 VPN's, L2 VPN's (l2circuit mainly, but also curious of vpls, evpn).

Actually I'm considering it as a router for my ENNI hand-offs to 3rd party neighboring networks where I hand-off vlans (double tagged) for various enterprise customers and cbh towers, etc.... then I would carry that probably in a l2circuit from that MX204 to the utter-most parts of my mpls cloud.  I would want to police at that subinterface (unit) level to limit traffic for obviously what they buy.

MX204 be good for that ?

Thanks Mark


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On 14/Feb/19 14:04, Alain Hebert wrote:
>     Hi,
>     Unlucky as always, we had issues with the chassis of a MX104 about
> every years since we installed.

Are you using the MX104 as a route reflector? If so, make one of the
VM's your alternative for this function :-).

If you're not doing any non-Ethernet services on your MX104, and are
struggling with the control plane, I'd propose moving to the MX204.


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