AT&T/as7018 now drops invalid prefixes from peers

Jay Borkenhagen jayb at
Tue Feb 12 00:01:46 UTC 2019

Compton, Rich A writes:
 > That's great!  Do you guys have plans to publish ROAs for your own netblocks?  If so, can you please share info on your process (tools, pitfalls, etc.)?  Thanks!

Hi Rich,

We do have ROAs published for a not insignificant fraction of our
address space.  For example (and cherry-picking the representation
most favorable to us) we're listed at #6 in the "25 Autonomous Systems
with the most Address Space VALID by RPKI" at this NIST RPKI tracker:

We will publish more ROAs over time.  Thusfar we have been utilizing
ARIN's hosted model, but down the road ARIN's delegated model will be
in our future.


						Jay B.

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