AT&T/as7018 now drops invalid prefixes from peers

Alex Band alex at
Tue Feb 12 09:33:02 UTC 2019

Congrats Jay, this is awesome news!

> On 12 Feb 2019, at 01:01, Jay Borkenhagen <jayb at> wrote:
> Compton, Rich A writes:
>> That's great!  Do you guys have plans to publish ROAs for your own netblocks?  If so, can you please share info on your process (tools, pitfalls, etc.)?  Thanks!
> Hi Rich,
> We do have ROAs published for a not insignificant fraction of our
> address space.  For example (and cherry-picking the representation
> most favorable to us) we're listed at #6 in the "25 Autonomous Systems
> with the most Address Space VALID by RPKI" at this NIST RPKI tracker:

I’m interested to hear what is preventing you from creating ROAs for all of your announcements. 

> We will publish more ROAs over time.  Thusfar we have been utilizing
> ARIN's hosted model, but down the road ARIN's delegated model will be
> in our future.

What are your main drivers for wanting to move to the delegated model?



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