Rising sea levels are going to mess with the internet

Naslund, Steve SNaslund at medline.com
Thu Jul 26 17:23:56 UTC 2018

If you live near a coast, you are going to experience bigger storms and loss of power more often than someone that lives inland.  If you live in the Himalayas you are going to get more snow and cold weather.  Not my problem if you like your beach front property.  However I have not seen any major damage to fiber based networks and I was a first responder during Hurricane Katrina.  The majority of damage was to flooded central offices which is going to happen from time to time no matter where you are at.  Overall network reliability has increased greatly over the years which is undeniable.  This all just seems very alarmist to me.  Also, even if we assume you are correct about ocean levels threatening networks (which I don't believe to be even close to the biggest threats), what exactly can the NANOG community do about it for you.    There are real, live, NOW, threats like the BGP hijackings that have been responded to that are real operational responses.

Steven Naslund
Chicago IL

>But the reality is that if you get bigger storm surges, your Internet access will be knocked. You will get loss of power and even if the backbone holds up, the access networks will not. Every time we get a severe flood here in Budapest, power is >knocked out and we are down hard. The general population may not take much comfort in your installation of thousands of miles of fiber. Just a fact.





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