Question about bird RS config with BGP Community support

Anurag Bhatia me at
Mon Jul 23 20:58:49 UTC 2018


We are running a small IX fabric (in Mumbai, India) and with multiple
route servers based on a bird. There has been a demand of support of BGP
communities from some of our members and I am trying to find a way to set
it up in the bird. Idea is to provide a community say 0:123 where tagged
routes with 0:123 do not reach AS123. I am new to the bird.

Tried testing with config given here -

and that results in no announcement peer where the route is going out. (No
specific comms even used. Just applying the export config results in a drop
of the route announcement).

I also tried other config example given over there for putting routes of
each peer in their table
(as per
and behaviour is same. No route announcement to peers.

Was wondering if anyone can point to right config to support BGP



Anurag Bhatia

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