China Showdown Huawei vs ZTE

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Fri Apr 20 13:44:32 UTC 2018

Yes looks like they are both under pressure. I feel bad for the USA based
employees. I know Huawei has quite a few in Plano, Texas.

With both ZTE and Huawei out of the picture for USA operators, who is the
low cost leader in this space then?

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> Same for Huawei.
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> I don't think I would recommend either in todays political climate.....
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> Ah. ZTE is in a spot of trouble right about now.
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>     Of the two large Chinese Vendors, which has the better network
> operating
>     system? Huawei is much larger that ZTE is my understanding, but larger
> does
>     not always mean better.
>     Both of these manufactures have switches and routers. I doubt we will
> use
>     their routing products anytime soon, but the switching products with
>     are what we are exploring. Price wise both of these vendors seem to
> have
>     10G MPLS capable switches that are a 1/4 of the price of a Cisco or
> Juniper
>     wants to charge.
>     On the Huawei side looks like the S6720 is a fit.
>     On the ZTE side, it looks like the ZXR10 5960 Series is a fit.
>     Has anyone had experience with either of these two switches? How do
> they
>     compare?
>     Also, for each independent brand, is their switching network operating
>     system the same as their routing network operating system that their
>     routers run?

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