Google DNS intermittent ServFail for Disney subdomain

Mike O'Connor mjo at
Mon Oct 23 21:39:44 CST 2017

:I know it doesn't help your problem, but friends don't let friends use public DNS resolvers (Google, L3, Open DNS, etc.). ;-) 

I've been experimenting with using Google's DNS resolvers for Google's
assorted domains.  At some point, I keep meaning to add Google's address
space as domains, but just haven't gotten there yet.  

Why?  Just curious, that's all.  Thus far, I haven't really noted any
major differences, but wasn't sure what to expect.  Maybe something
would be notably faster/slower, maybe different results/ads/whatever,
I dunno.  It just seemed reasonable to punt Google DNS to Google DNS
and see how things work.  YMMV, void where prohibited.


 Michael J. O'Connor                                          mjo at
"If you have enough plutonium, everything starts looking like a city."  -Ches
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