AS PATH limits

Ken Chase math at
Sun Oct 1 05:05:46 CST 2017

I don't quite understand the exact situation that causes the issue - our
cogent facing router (quagga .99.22 debian) was receiving the route but that
session stayed up - it was it while sending or the other igp router (also
quagga .99.22) receiving (I think the latter) that was crashing their session.
Not quite sure why the cogent session didn't crash as well (or first, before
propagating the bad route).

At any rate, we should likely take this discussion to the quagga-users-l


On Sat, Sep 30, 2017 at 09:28:28PM -0400, Christopher Morrow said:
  >ii  quagga     i386           BGP/OSPF/RIP routing
  >interestingly enough that isn't crashlooping nor is it bouncing bgp
  >  4 MYASN 1642717    8864        0    0    0 2d23h32m
  >and it's happily showing me the route even...

Ken Chase - math at Guelph Canada

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