Broadcast television in an IP world

Baldur Norddahl baldur.norddahl at
Tue Nov 21 18:46:43 UTC 2017

I am not going to guess on a timeframe.  I would like to point out that 
the youth ignore TV. They no longer have TVs on their rooms. It is all 
on smartphones or tablets these days. Even with the family in a living 
room, everyone might be sitting with their own device doing their own thing.

We have a significant share of the customers that have no other TV than 
OTT streaming. Myself included. Here (Denmark) almost all TV channels 
are available as OTT streaming. The free national broadcast TV is also 
available for streaming (for free).

With an Apple TV you can do all the same things that you can do with 
OTA, cable or satellite. Cheaper (*) and more convenient too. Far from 
everyone has discovered this yet, but since we cater to people that are 
cable cutters, a larger than usual share of our customers is doing 
exactly this.

(*) I believe the OTT solutions are cheaper as long you do not want a 
lot of sport programming. If you do want sport I believe it is more 
expensive but you also have more options and content available.



Den 21/11/2017 kl. 17.58 skrev Mike Hammett:
> of the TV they use... through you. That doesn't count OTA, cable, satellite, etc.
> It won't change significantly any time soon. I know things are changing, but it'll still take five or ten years for those changes to significantly change traffic patterns.
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> Unicasting what everyone watches live on a random evening would use
> significantly more bandwidth than Game of Thrones or whatever OTT drop.
> Magnitudes more. It wouldn't even be in the same ballpark.
> I agree as of this moment however that will change. Also note that our
> customers do 100% of their TV as unicast OTT because that is the only thing
> we offer. This does not cause nearly as much problems as you would expect.

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