Lille, France

Scott Christopher s at
Fri May 26 09:42:01 UTC 2017

Rod Beck wrote: 

> Altice is in the States and going public soon. They have been producing
> superior financial results. Appears to know how to run these cable
> networks better than the standard American management.

They don't actually lay any cable though, nor do they build their own
network. They have been acquiring other telecoms at a brisk pace for 15
years as the industry consolidates. (They are debt heavy, especially for
a European company, and this upcoming IPO is a 20% sale to grab more
capital, riding the wave of recent market bullishness for U.S.

Not sure if any of us network engineers will like them in 2 - 4 years -
but you're a business consultant seeing this from a different
perspective. ;)


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