Making interconnection agreements between networks more dynamic

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Tue May 23 19:09:46 UTC 2017

This sounds something like the MEF Third Network type stuff.... I mean the ability to setup connection dynamically across network boundaries on-the-fly, via an ordering system... that has always sounded awesome to me... and I've wondered how we could actually get there one day.  Sounds like a lot of initial cooperation


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Subject: Making interconnection agreements between networks more dynamic


We are a group of networking researchers from UFRGS, UCLouvain and KAUST.
We are working towards an approach to make interconnection agreements between networks more dynamic. The current approach for establishing agreements is cumbersome, typically requiring lengthy discussions. To accommodate the expected growth of traffic demands, network operators need to over-provision. Even so, operators miss the ability to quickly respond when facing unforeseen traffic demands, because agreements have static characteristics and changes could take days or weeks to be implemented.

Dynamic agreements offer many opportunities. For example, consider acquiring extra "bandwidth as a service" that is available on demand just when one needs it, similarly to how one might spin up extra VMs in the cloud to handle high loads.

We are interested in collecting some anecdotal evidence that dynamic agreements could solve real-world problems. Has any member of the forum faced any scenario where the kind of dynamism described above could be helpful?

Many thanks for your inputs,
Pedro de Botelho Marcos
PhD Student
Computer Networks Research Group
Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul - UFRGS

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