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Royce Williams royce at
Mon May 15 21:06:09 UTC 2017

On Fri, May 12, 2017 at 10:30 AM, Royce Williams <royce at>

> My $0.02, for people doing internal/private triage:
> - If your use of IPv4 space is sparse by routes, dump your internal
> routing table and convert to summarized CIDR.
> - Feed your CIDRs to masscan [1] to scan for internal port 445 (masscan
> randomizes targets, so destination office WAN links won't saturate, but
> local/intermediate might if you're not careful, so tune):
>     sudo masscan -p445 --rate=[packets-per-second safe for your network]
> -iL routes.list -oG masscan-445.out
> - Use (the
> python2 one, or the Metasploit one if you can use that internally) to
> detect vuln. the python one is not* a parallelized script, so consider
> breaking it into multiple parallel runners if you have a lot of scale.

Note - I've learned that the detection rate for the Python script above is
*much* lower than this nmap script. I recommend using the nmap script

> - If you're using SCCM/other, verify that MS17-010 was applied - but be
> mindful of Windows-based appliances not centrally patched, etc. Trust but
> verify.
> - In parallel, consider investigating low-hanging fruit by OU
> (workstations?) to disable SMBv1 entirely.
> Royce
> 1.

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