BGP Route Reflector - Route Server, Router, etc

Youssef Bengelloun-Zahr bengelly at
Mon Mar 20 10:46:32 UTC 2017

Same old same.


2017-03-20 11:35 GMT+01:00 Mark Tinka <mark.tinka at>:

> On 14/Jan/17 00:39, Brandon Ewing wrote:
> > One important thing to remember when migrating from full mesh to a RR
> design
> > is that you are reducing information available to the routers in the ASN.
> > When you had a full mesh, each router could select the best path from all
> > available paths, according to its position in the IGP.  In a RR
> environment,
> > by default, routers only have available to them the best routes from the
> > RR's position in the IGP, which can lead to suboptimal exits being
> selected.
> >
> > Work is being done to allow RRs to compute metrics from the client's
> > position in the IGP: See
> >
> route-reflection-13
> > for more information
> BGP-ORR is currently supported in Junos and IOS XR (ASR9000, I
> believe... I haven't confirmed for other IOS XR platforms).
> I'm getting Cisco to add support for it in IOS and IOS XE (CSR1000v).
> I'm now dealing with the usual "How large is the customer's spend for
> this feature" nonsense. BGP-ORR, I feel, is one of those features that
> doesn't need a business case - much like ketchup at a fast-food joint.
> That the IOS XR PI team have it in there and the IOS/IOS XE PI teams
> don't highlights the depth of the fundamental problem over at Cisco-land.
> Mark.

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