Regulatory Recovery Surcharge for Canadian corporations

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In reply to the group as my reply was only to Luke.

This is why I say, they should need to justify the extension of these costs.
In my opinion a transit provider should not have any justification to extend said costs.
One might suggest that the unjustified extension of these costs could be construed as fraudulent charges.

Todd Grand

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On transit though? We in the US pay all of these types of fees as well though not on service outside of telephone.

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On Mar 14, 2017, at 10:58 AM, Todd Grand <tgrand at> wrote:
> These costs are related to federal, provincial and/or municipal 
> mandates, programs and requirements such as provincial 9-1-1 fees, 
> spectrum acquisition, licensing charges, and contribution charges to 
> help subsidize telephone service in rural and remote areas. These 
> costs are not taxes or amounts that the government requires carriers 
> to collect. The specific amount of these costs can vary as the 
> fees/costs of government mandates/programs change.
> I would have them outline what regulatory costs they incur, as they 
> have to justify the extension of these costs, or in my opinion it is a 
> form of fraud.
> Todd Grand
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> From what I've gathered so far, every other carriers that we use are 
> either invoicing us from Canada or outside the US (e.g. Telia from 
> Vancouver, BC and Cogent from Toronto, ON).
> A couple of minutes after firing my first email, our rep called me to 
> follow up. He'll escalate this as far as he can with his COO and CFO 
> and suggested two scenarios.
> On Mar 14 2017, at 10:41 am, Graham Johnston 
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> wrote:
>> We don't explicitly pay a charge like this for the transit bandwidth 
>> we
> purchase in Toronto from an international carrier, and I doubt that it 
> is built into the cost without any mention of it. I've never heard of 
> such a thing.
>> Graham Johnston
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> Subject: Regulatory Recovery Surcharge for Canadian corporations
>> I recently negotiated a new contract with a tier1 for IP transit in 
>> Canada
> and
> just got the invoice. I saw a "new" Regulatory Recovery Surcharge of 
> 10% the MRC (before taxes) that I've never seen before. Do any of my 
> Canadian fellows on this list are paying this outrageous surcharge?
>> Other than saying "it's in the MSA", our rep, their tax and billing
> department
> are not useful at all. The actual rate is not specified anywhere in 
> the MSA or in the contract.

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