Purchased IPv4 Woes

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Maybe a silly idea, but shouldn't the sale of a block of addresses (RIR ownership change) trigger a removal of that block from all reputation list databases?  If I buy a car from a police auction, I'm fairly sure the FBI doesn't start tailing me, because the car was once used for less than legal purposes.  New owner, clean slate.


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I am interested in what broker you used as well.  We have used a few that do a little due diligence on their end, but we still do our own.   We have seen an auction pulled due to the space having a bad reputation, but we were the ones who had to step up and say something.  

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> On Mar 10, 2017, at 12:00 PM, Pete Baldwin <pete at tccmail.ca> wrote:
> Hi All,
>    Hopefully this is not taken in bad taste.   Our organization purchased some IP space last year ( to be specific), and it appears that this block must have been used for less-than-admirable purposes in the past.
> We have been trying to clean up the reputation where possible, and we do not appear to be on any blacklists, but we do appear to be blocked from a lot of networks across the US/Canada.    I am noticing a lot of name servers blocking our requests, many web servers, gaming servers, mail etc.
> This is a transition block for us to move towards v6 everywhere, but we have many systems that will need to rely on this block of space for some time to come.
> We are a small rural co-op ISP in Ontario, and I am just writing this email as an extra plea so that if you happen to run a network that has this entire range on your naughty list, we would appreciate you giving it another chance.  I can be contacted on or off list, thanks.
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