Point 2 point IPs between ASes

Aaron Gould aaron1 at gvtc.com
Thu Jun 29 04:51:18 CST 2017

Thanks Bill, I thought with ipv6 it was a sin to subnet on bit boundaries and not on nibble boundaries.


Heck, I’m gonna do whatever it takes to NOT subnet on bits with my v6 deployment.  Hopefully with v6, gone are the days of binary subnetting math.


-Aaron Gould


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On Wed, Jun 28, 2017 at 8:01 PM, Aaron Gould <aaron1 at gvtc.com <mailto:aaron1 at gvtc.com> > wrote:

I think this is funny... I have (4) 10 gig internet connections and here's the maskings for my v6 dual stacking...

/126 - telia
/64  - att
/112 - cogent
/127 - twc/charter/spectrum


112... Could be worse I suppose. They could have picked 113.



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