Friday musing - Long distance fiber deployment resources

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I think the Artic Fiber project is designed to alleviate that problem in the Northwest. It was incorporated into a larger project to connect the three continents. I know one of the founders, Mike Cunningham.

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     Warning: For just plain curiosity at the moment.

     I was looking for publicly accessible feasibility studies, white
papers, etc, about long distance fiber deployment.  (> 400km, aka >250

     The interest comes from documenting myself about how poorly
deserved are the northern communities in Canada.  And how "freakn a
shame it is to get pwned" by France telecom wise =D.

     At this point my Goolge Fu is hardly getting thru the pointless
clutter search engines accumulated over the years...

     From the numerous input so far:

         A lot of the attempts where made to use facilities like rail or
electrical grid distribution, but it always ended squashed by a massive
push back from the telecom industries, and in one case, maybe the FMI.

     I'm thinking:

         If people can invest millions into DOTCOM that put fitbits on
cows...  There must be a way to help those communities.  And ourself,
from under the telecom giants.


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