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Thanks for all of the feedback.

I am going through the links you sent me and I think they will be of very good help.

I guess it was a general question but that was kinda the point, get feed back from all the pro's 😉

thank you very much again.

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Newbie question, what criteria do you look for when you decide that you want to peer with someone or if you will accept peering with someone from an ISP point of view.

You didn't say what kind of 'peering'. That could mean over an IXP or to be directly connected. You do not need to be a member of an IX to peer.

There are at least three types of criteria to evaluate. Technical, business and legal.  Take a look here for a few ideas on technical and business criteria:

"Me too" with the rest of the thread. If peering serves your mutual interests (or just yours even), its an easy decision.

The Dr Peering website is also a resource for folks new to peering.

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