Some advice on IPv6 planning and ARIN request, please

Aaron Gould aaron1 at
Sat Jul 8 18:30:56 CST 2017

Hi Oliver, et al, I recall from when I attended an ARIN on the Road meeting in Austin last year ( ), that the folks at ARIN seemed to be open to discussing with you about getting the right size address space into your hands for what you needed to accomplish....within reason...and within justification.  I won't speak for ARIN, but I just seem to remember that they were open to talking about it.  I don't recall if you said you have actually had dialogue with ARIN about getting the "right" amount of address space to accomplish what you are looking to do.  If not, please reach out to them.  They've always been helpful and responsive when I've discussed IPv4 and also now, v6 with them.

Also, I recall in a v6 online class I did that one point that was made was to not take too much time analyzing, but to get moving with v6.  I think Lee just said you should plan on readdressing a few times.  Ok, fine.  I see that as being possible.  You live and you learn.  I did find myself last year and earlier this year spending A LOT of time going over and over and over again, the "best" way to carve up my /32 of v6 addresses with fellow engineers.  We stopped talking about it for a while... then I came back recently and said guys we gotta settle on something and go for it !  Well, we did and I'm glad.  I'm not saying be willy nilly about your v6 space, but settle on something sensible and go for it... then be open to course correcting along the way, and readdress where you must.  I've dual staked a few of my cdn public caches, and am talking about dual-stacking 7,000 DSL customers that are currently doing NAT444.

v6 is fairly early in my deployment and going fine so far.  Btw, I will add that I love my 6VPE.  Dang MPLS xVPN's make my life so nice and manageable.  You geniuses out there that invent technology are incredible.  Keep it up.

-Aaron Gould  

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