Some advice on IPv6 planning and ARIN request, please

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On Fri, Jul 7, 2017 at 8:39 PM, Oliver O'Boyle <oliver.oboyle at>

> Thanks for the input. I don't consider us an isp, though i suppose i can
> see how that argument could me made. Hotels are both simple and
> complicated. There is a mix of our staff and equipment, guests and their
> equipment, and brands with their equipment. But really it's just one
> operating entity that ultimayely isn't that much different than any other
> enterprise out there. Now multiply that by 60-65 sites spread across the
> country and we need to manage our 6000 staff and networks accordingly. We
> operate 100% of the hotel, top to bottom, not just the technology.
> I wouldn't want ARIN or anyone else thinking we were an ISP if we aren't.
> Particulary if that creates problems in the future as rules (and possibly
> costs) change.
> However, if what you are saying is that registerong as an ISP is actually
> the correct way to go about this in ARIN's eyes as well, then that's a
> different story.

Hi Oliver,

You read to me like a borderline case. It comes up a lot with universities:
are they end users or ISPs to their students? ARIN will generally accept
either explanation. You'll get the larger number of IPv6 addresses you want
if you tell them you're an ISP.

The cost difference is likely to remain minimal. The major issue is that as
an ISP you'll be expected to enter SWIP records so read up on that.


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