Foundry FastIron

Mike O'Connor mjo at
Fri Dec 29 08:19:39 CST 2017

:A client of mine has some Foundry FastIron Edge X424HFs.
:Brocade and Extreme don't seem overly ambitious to help.

Brocade EOL'ed those old FESX-4 switches themselves on 03/31/2011, 
with EOS in 2016.  This was before Brocadecom spun off to Extreme.

:Anyone have any documentation they can scrounge up? SFP compatibility list? The ones I see in there already look substantially like the ones I get from FiberStore, but that doesn't mean much.

Can't help you there, sorry...  

:Do they still sell support on these? I'm largely just interested in newer firmware for them. I don't think they were updated since they left the factory and there are a few quirks I'm hoping they addressed at some point.

Depending on your bother, check out the FESX424-L3U "Layer 3 Upgrade
Kit".  That particular software piece looks like it gets support for
another few months, if I am to believe Brocade's website (which only
has the FESX-6 EOL notice, not the older FESX-4 one).


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