Companies using public IP space owned by others for internal routing

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Wed Dec 20 02:22:12 CST 2017

On Tue, 19 Dec 2017 20:18:57 +0000, "UpTide ." said:
> If we allocate a /64 like we do single ipv4 addresses now the space gets 2^56
> (16777216) times larger; but if we start doing something crazy like allocating
> a /48 or /56 that number plummets. (256 times larger, and 65536 times larger
> respectfully.)

You seem to have missed an entire octet's worth of bits, so off by a factor of 256...

A /48 is 16 more bits than a /32, so 65536 times bigger.
A /56 is 24 more bits than a /32, so 16777216 times bigger.
And a /64 is 32 bits more than a /32... so....

Given that a /33 is just about enough to give everybody in the planet one,
giving away 8 million times that many is going to be a challenge, unless
somebody invents nanotech that wants a separate address for each nanomachine.

But I'd argue that if I have personal nanotech, I *really* want to use ULA
addresses. They're *my* nanotech. :)

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