Arista Layer3

Frederik Kriewitz frederik at
Fri Dec 1 15:59:36 CST 2017

On Thu, Nov 30, 2017 at 7:36 PM, Romeo Czumbil <Romeo.Czumbil at>
> So do we have any Arista L3 people out here that can share some negatives
or positives?

We're using the Arista 7280R with Jericho(+) chips as PE routers.
We're happy with them.
Stable operation, no serious issues so far.

Feature wise they're still behind the traditional vendors.
Some limitations which come to mind:
- reverse path filtering
- prefix lists are limited to 65k entries
- unexpected behaviour with route-map community add/delete (it's not
possible to add a community which would be delted by a previous term)
- VRF/MPLS/VPLS support is very basic
- no support for unnumbered interfaces
- no BGP flowspec
- no BGP large communities
- no subinterfaces

On the other hand all of the above (except unnumbered interfaces) are
already on their 2018 road map.
Traditionally they focused on their data center customers.
But more and more (big) carriers are pushing Arista for the corresponding
features needed by carriers.

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