Hijack Factories: AS203418, AS205944, and AS203040

Ronald F. Guilmette rfg at tristatelogic.com
Tue Aug 29 05:24:47 UTC 2017

Sorry to follow-up on myself, but I just now realized that I made
a small omission in my earlier post.  I indicated that AS205944
(MediaClick, LLC) had previously hijacked the block.
That is true, but it may perhaps have led some people to incorrectly
conclude that AS205944 was not -currently- hijacking anything.

Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth.

As shown here


and as archived here:


AS205944 is currently announcing 13 IPv4 routes, all of which, except
for the five that are for blocks legitimately allocated to either
Marketigames, LLC or to Mint Company, LLP appear to be hijacked sub-parts
of various legacy ARIN blocks.

So, to set the record straight, AS205944 is *currently* engaged in a
whole lotta hijacking, as we speak.

I should also mention that MediaClick, LLC is actually a defunct
Wyoming LLC.  It has been struck off the rolls of active Wyoming
companies for having failed to pay even its (minimal) Wyoming
corporate taxes.  RIPE NCC, in its infinite wisdom, will no doubt
allow it to continue to exist, and to hold various number resources,
indefinitely, but as far as the law is concerned it no longer exists.
(The contact phone number for this ASN, as shown in the RIPE WHOIS
record for AS205944 is also D.O.A. and probably has been for some
time now.  Perhaps forever.  It may perhaps -never-  have worked.
RIPE NCC can't be bothered to ever actually check such things.)

The good news is that corporate documents archived on the Wyoming
Secretary of State's web site indicate clearly and persuasively the
identity of the guy behind MediaClick, LLC.

That is apparently a frenchman by the name of Mathieu Jean Guillaume,
<m.guillaume42 at gmail.com>, who is also, apparently the proprietor of
a couple of other French companies, i.e. ClicMe, SARL and also something
called "YAQ Production" (yaqproduction.com) which appears to have one
of these perpetual "under construction" web sites.

(Apparently, Mathieu Jean Guillaume fancies himself as a budding film
producer.  Maybe he could be that, someday, if he ever decides to
stop being a lame-ass low-life spammer and hijacker.)

Sadly, this schmuck is probably a distant relative of mine.  I may
perhaps email him and ask why he was unable or unwilling to find some
honest way of making a living, and why he turned to Internet crime

In the meantime, I repeat my suggestion that everyone who can do so
should immediately de-peer from AS203040, which appears to be the
roots of all this evil.


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