Dyn DDoS this AM?

Mike Hammett nanog at ics-il.net
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Side note: I asked Mikrotik and they accepted the feature request of changing their uRPF setting from being universal on the machine to being per-interface (as the kernel supports). That would make it easier for Mikrotik end-user-facing routers to block crap right at the edge, allowing for strict facing customer and loose elsewhere. They haven't implemented it yet, but they accepted the request. 

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Yeah, it sucked to be a Dyn customer that day. However, if you had a 
backup dns provider, it wasnt that bad. 

You do realize that collateral effect scale is a property of a target and 
not attack? 

My point was that implementing MANRS, while isn't covering all of the 
spectrum of the attacks that made news this autumn will make at least some 
of them if not impossible, but harder to execute. 

And as I said - its work in progress. 

P.S. Jared Mauch notes regarding uRPF underperformance are correct, but it 
only shows how rarely its actually used in a real life. uRPF is more then 
feasible in terms of algorithmical complexity, and this means that bugs can 
be dealed with. 

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> >Its not a first time we have and large scale DDoS incident. 
> >Its not a first time we have (a kind of) knee-jerk reaction. 
> I could be wrong, but I think its the first time I've turned 
> on CNN and seen a "heat map" of the incident showing the entire 
> NorthEast / New England area, all the way down to Washington, 
> and parts of California all blanketed in red. 
> So that part, at least, was, ya know, novel. 
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