Dyn DDoS this AM?

Keenan Tims ktims at stargate.ca
Fri Oct 21 23:34:28 UTC 2016

I don't have a horse in this race, and haven't used it in anger, but 
Netflix released denominator to attempt to deal with some of these issues:


Their goal is to support the highest common denominator of features 
among the supported providers,

Maybe that helps someone.


On 2016-10-21 16:19, Niels Bakker wrote:
> The point of outsourcing DNS isn't just availability of static
> hostnames, it's the added services delivered, like returning different
> answers based on source of the question, even monitoring your
> infrastructure (or it reporting load into the DNS management system).
> That is very hard to replicate with two DNS providers.
> 	-- Niels.

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