Dyn DDoS this AM?

Måns Nilsson mansaxel at besserwisser.org
Fri Oct 21 23:22:55 UTC 2016

Subject: Re: Dyn DDoS this AM? Date: Sat, Oct 22, 2016 at 01:19:24AM +0200 Quoting Niels Bakker (niels=nanog at bakker.net):

> The point of outsourcing DNS isn't just availability of static hostnames,
> it's the added services delivered, like returning different answers based on
> source of the question, even monitoring your infrastructure (or it reporting
> load into the DNS management system).
> That is very hard to replicate with two DNS providers.

Surely, it must be better to use a singular service that is provably
easy to take out. The advantages are overwhelming.

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