Voice channels (FTTH, DOCSIS, VoLTE)

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> With MGCP we're just using DSx Qos which is just services classification within
> the packet cable standard. Still runs over the same docsis network as all other
> traffic and not separated besides qos side of things.
> We use a 64K reserved channel to set the call up, after that each call has its
> own service flow that is QOSed.
> We also have reserved BW in the CMTS for 911 calls so that they always get
> through.
> Where the modem resides in relation to 911 isn't really a factor as we go by
> services address for the account, a customer could moved the modem to another
> house across town and it will still work.
> I know Time Warner has completely separate networks for voice and data, they
> didn't even reside on the same CMTS from what I understand. Don't know of
> anyone else doing it that way.

It's my jackleg appraisal -- I'm not an attorney much less an FCC specialist
attorney -- that that subjects your service to regulations and restrictions
that don't pertain to people who do it the other way; you are simply a VoN
carrier, competing with all the other VoN carriers like Vonage; if you *do*
give your own traffic priority, then you're violating... title II? Some 
net neutrality provision that they don't cause they're not *moving the calls*
"over the Internet".

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