Voice channels (FTTH, DOCSIS, VoLTE)

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With MGCP we're just using DSx Qos which is just services classification within the packet cable standard. Still runs over the same docsis network as all other traffic and not separated besides qos side of things.

We use a 64K reserved channel to set the call up, after that each call has its own service flow that is QOSed.

We also have reserved BW in the CMTS for 911 calls so that they always get through.

Where the modem resides in relation to 911 isn't really a factor as we go by services address for the account, a customer could moved the modem to another house across town and it will still work.

I know Time Warner has completely separate networks for voice and data, they didn't even reside on the same CMTS from what I understand. Don't know of anyone else doing it that way.


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I need to verify some claims made by incumbents in Canada that VoLTE
data travels on a totally separate channel between the phone and the

Typically it travels on another "bearer" compared to Internet traffic.


Think of bearers as "tunnels" between the mobile core network and the
device. They have a lot in common with ATM PVCs in that they can have
different QoS characteristics. So the VoLTE bearer can have scheduling
priorities that means it'll always be low-latency and highest priority,
meaning it might work well when the "Internet" bearer does not.

That is congruent with my understanding of how cableco voice is provisioned;
it has different rules WRT VoN -- specifically about 911 -- because the cable
company segregates it and handles it differently (your cablemodem is expected
to be tied to your service address -- or whatever terminal device does the

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