Oh dear, we've all been made redundant...

Ken Chase math at sizone.org
Mon Mar 21 17:31:41 UTC 2016

"how many times did he reboot it?" "once."  "well, i think he needs to try a
few more times."

The Website Is Down: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uRGljemfwUE#t=6m30s

(old but good.)


On Mon, Mar 21, 2016 at 01:06:35PM -0400, Chuck Church said:
  >Uggghhh.  I've always hated this 'reboot, see if it fixes it' methodology.  If the CPEs can't recover from error conditions correctly, they shouldn't be used.  I blame Microsoft for making this concept acceptable.  LOL.
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  >This is great, I now have something I can show to my customers to confirm that all this power cycling and such really is an 'accepted problem'...
  >On 03/19/2016 04:16 PM, Warren Kumari wrote:
  >> Found on Staple's website:
  >> http://www.staples.com/NetReset-Automated-Power-Cycler-for-Modems-and-
  >> Routers/product_1985686
  >> Fixes all issues, less downtime, less stress...
  >> Improves performance, eliminates buffering...
  >> It slices, it dices in teeny, tiny slices.
  >> It makes mounds of julienne fries in just seconds.
  >> ...
  >> Description - copied here for convenience:
  >> All the issues associated with the Internet being down can be solved 
  >> by power cycling the modem and router. But that can be hard to do! 
  >> NetReset resolves network issues by offering sequential power cycling. 
  >> This means that when the modem and router are plugged into the device, 
  >> they are powered up at different times. The modem is powered up first, 
  >> then a minute later, the router is powered up. This rebooting will 
  >> occur at initial setup, every 24 hours and after a power failure. Do 
  >> you have a modem/router combo? No problem! NetReset will also power cycle the modem/router combo.
  >> Automatically resets user's Internet every 24 hours Maximizes Internet 
  >> speed & reliability Eliminates media stream buffering Hands-free 
  >> Internet reset Resets hard-to-reach modem/router Less Internet 
  >> downtime Less daily stress No need to manually reset Reset occurs at 
  >> programmed time Updated information from Internet service provider 
  >> Proper reboot after a power failure Resetting allows equipment to 
  >> auto-correct issues

Ken Chase - math at sizone.org

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