So Cal Verizon Business FIOS to Frontier cutover

Paul B. Henson henson at
Thu Mar 17 00:26:44 UTC 2016

So the transition from Verizon to Frontier is coming up, and I recently got
a notice from Verizon pointing me to the following website:

Evidently one of the things Verizon did not sell to Frontier is their IP
address space, as it seems customers with static IP addresses are going to
have to change their allocations :(. I have five statics, and while it is
not the end of the world, it will certainly be annoying to have to
reconfigure not only my equipment but also update the configurations of my
clients that access it and the other service providers I access who restrict
based on it <sigh>. I was hoping to get some simple additional information
regarding this migration, such as:

* How far in advance of the cutover will we be notified?
* How far in advance of the cutover will we be supplied with the new static
IP addresses?
* How big will the cutover window be, and will it be attended or unattended?
* How will reverse DNS resolution be handled?

So I called the phone number on the website that was provided for questions
or additional information. I'm not quite sure why they provided it, as the
person who answered it had absolutely no information to provide other than
that that was already on the website, and said they were unable to direct me
to anyone who could provide any further information; I guess it was for
people who needed the website read to them?

Any chance there is a Frontier engineer on the list who might be able to
provide this information, anonymously if necessary :)? Or someone who has
gone through a Verizon to Frontier FIOS static IP address transition in
another location who might describe their experience with the assumption it
will be similar in California?

As far as reverse DNS, the only thing I can seem to find is this:

Which talks about "Business Class DSL and Dedicated Internet" customers, not
sure if it applies to FIOS? What I'd really like is to get my PTR entries
delegated to me via CNAMEs so I could control the TTLs and update them
whenever I wanted to without having to hassle the provider (one of my
colleagues has this arrangement with charter business cable), Verizon was
never willing to do that.

On another note, does anybody have any idea regarding Frontier's position on
rolling out IPv6 for business FIOS :)? Hopefully they won't be quite as
archaic and stuck in the mud as Verizon has been on that topic :(.

Thanks much for any info.

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