DataCenter color-coding cabling schema

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Mon Mar 14 18:52:03 UTC 2016

On Mon, 14 Mar 2016 11:15:29 -0700, Owen DeLong said:
> > On Mar 13, 2016, at 20:58 , Valdis.Kletnieks at wrote:
> > Especially if you drop it and it manages to bounce through a cutout in the
> > raised floor.  That's got to be the single best reason for overhead cabling. :)

> Because it’s faster if you have to climb down off a ladder first before pulling
> up the floor tiles to track down the roll of tape?

> Oh, you mean that’s the single best reason for overhead COOLING. :P

The tiles intended for cold air flow have lots of little 1/4" or so holes
in them that a roll of tape can't fall through.  The roll of tape *can*
escape through the 6x6 cable cutout under the rack if there aren't too
many cables in the way.  If we had overhead cabling and under-floor cooling,
we'd have no large cutouts anyplace. :)

(Alas, the data center across the hall is 27 years old, and we'll need to
build a new one to fix it.  Someday soon, maybe. :)
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