sFlow vs netFlow/IPFIX

Nick Hilliard nick at foobar.org
Wed Mar 2 22:45:26 UTC 2016

Peter Phaal wrote:
> Monitoring ingress and egress in the switch is wasteful of resources.

It's more than a waste of resources:  it's pathologically broken and
Cisco decline to fix it, despite the fact that enabling ingress-only or
egress-only is fully supported via API in the Broadcom SDKs, and
consequently the amount of configuration glue required to fix it in
NX-OS is nearly zero.

Broadcom chipsets don't support netflow, so sflow is the only game in
town if you need data telemetry on broadcom-based ToR boxes.

As I said in a previous email on this thread, refusing to support this
properly is a harmful and short sighted approach to customers' requirements.


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