Softlayer / Blocking Cuba IP's ?

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But this just exasperates their Stupidity and in-correct assumption that somehow allowing internet communications is equal to doing business with these countries.

They need to get better legal advisers, may be people who can think and actually understand what is the internet... so that they know the difference....

(in their own words) The United States prohibits most commercial transactions........ Tcp/IP connections are NOT COMMERCIAL TRANSACTIONS !!!

So what are we going to see from them next .. A Posted Policy at the Entrance to the DataCenter " Due to US Economic Sanctions.. We will not allow entry to people who speak Spanish (Cuba),Farsi (Iran), Korean, and Arabic (Sudan) but if you are Sudanese and speak Dinka, you will be allowed"


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> Official statement here:
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> Ola Carlos,
> I am very familiar with Govt. instituted restrictions, and yes, people always
> find ways to get around it. I cannot speak for the Cuban Gov. nor for the US
> Gov. as to what they decide to do and when.
> What was/is irksome about Softlayer's decision is the following:-
> 1) Unilateral implementation of a restricted policy without any notification.
> 2) The broad stroke implementation of a Gov Policy that does not apply to the
> communication service they applied the policy to.
> i.e. As much as we all dislike Dictatorial Behavior, and we fully recognize
> Softlayer is a Private Entity, who can exercise it's right to act
> Dictatorially, Such behavior in the overall community (Internet) is frowned
> upon and (as it should) have a long term negative affect to business.
> Saludos.
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>> Hi,
>> (disclaimer: I'm Cuban national, living in Cuba, and a long time lurker in this
>> great list)
>> 2016-02-19 15:27 GMT-05:00 Faisal Imtiaz < faisal at > :
>>> Considering the fact that such a block was just put in place about a week ago ?
>>> Last time I checked, blocking any part of the world is not part of any legal
>>> requirements on any Global Service Provider ? other than a 'company policy' ?
>> Being denied access to services, as a Cuban national, is something that we've
>> all experienced here and we (sadly) have come to accept it as a fact of life.
>> Sometimes we resort to proxies/VPNs in order to conceal our origin -- and by a
>> similar token, sometimes, our destination ;).
>> However, there are a couple of things that have made me wondering how arbitrary
>> decisions can be. I think sometimes it just boils down to specific provider
>> policies that try to (maybe rightfully) cover their bottoms in the light of the
>> law. For instance, I can't hide the fact that I have access to Gmail; but at
>> the same time there are many Google properties and services than I can't. There
>> are many companies, global companies, that I can't access, and others are open
>> to us which are, paradoxically, completely based on the US and under US law
>> (won't name them publicly to avoid potential damage).
>> Any way, I'm going back to lurk mode. However, feel free to ask anything, on- of
>> offlist. And I thank you all for this wonderful resource.
> > Carlos.

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