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Anyone used these folks ? Any feedback ?


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> I’ve been meaning to get pricing for Ericsson’s Adaptive Inventory (formerly
> Granite) for a mid-sized ISP client. It’s world-class, but it may turn out to
> be insanely expensive. I’m also investigating cloud solutions. Most of the
> legacy commercial products are stuck in the LEC/CLEC inventory regime of T1s,
> T3s, and circuit grooming, with little support for MPLS, IPv6, or SLA
> management. Those are the big pain points today for most ISPs grappling with
> provisioning complexity.
> -mel
>> On Apr 18, 2016, at 10:09 AM, Eric Kuhnke <eric.kuhnke at> wrote:
>> mediawiki set up for individual user accounts, https only access, in
>> internal tool IP space/ACL/firewalled.
>> First develop a hierarcically organized 'blank' template you can copy and
>> paste for each POP, and then fill it out. Works great for large scale fiber
>> patch panel assignments/crossconnect tracking, listings of equipment in a
>> POP, MPLS XCs, etc. It only works properly if the persons making each OSI
>> layer 1 change edit the wiki after each change (or the NOC/neteng staff
>> directing the field technicians edit it at the same time as updating a work
>> ticket).
>> One of the great advantages is that it's near infinitely flexible in how
>> you can lay out and arrange the page, and tracks each and every change made
>> by ever user. In case of a mistake it's easy to revert to an earlier
>> version.
>> I am not so sure about its use for OSP fiber tracking which gets into the
>> territory of GIS software and customized vector based diagramming software.
>> On Mon, Apr 18, 2016 at 8:33 AM, Manuel Marín <mmg at> wrote:
>>> Dear Nanog community
>>> We are looking for a network inventory software to document logical
>>> circuits and fibers. We have been using Racktables for cross connects and
>>> racks documentation and works great, but we did find a way to document
>>> MPLS, Eline/ELAN, OTN, SONET, IP circuits, external plant (fibers), etc.
>>> I would appreciate if you can share what you use for documentation.
>>> Thank you and have a great day
>>> Regards

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