Juniper vMX evaluation - how?

Edwin Mallette edwin.mallette at
Wed Apr 13 19:36:45 UTC 2016

I downloaded it in the past and can¹t remember having any issues
downloading itŠ Getting it to work in my environment was a bit more
challenging, however.  I do have a Juniper login which is required.  I
also just verified that I can download application package:

MD5 SHA1 <>
28 Dec 2015

You need to be logged in to download the vMX archive as well as the eval
license key.  Both I was able to get once logged in.



On 4/13/16, 5:54 PM, "NANOG on behalf of Bruce Simpson"
<nanog-bounces at on behalf of bms at> wrote:

>Pardon if this is off-topic -- but this is really beginning to wind me up.
>So, shows that Juniper
>Networks vMX is available for a 60-day evaluation. This requires filling
>out a form to create an account on
>I don't currently have such a login. $CLIENT filled out such a form well
>over a month ago, and never heard anything back. Normally, I'd expect to
>be able to download as soon as an account is approved. Meanwhile, we get
>preoccupied with other tasks.
>Is some special magic required to acquire an evaluation copy? The 60 day
>trial license is directly downloadable from the above link, but the
>tarball is not. $CLIENT was just referred to it by $RESELLER.

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