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Sun Apr 10 19:33:43 UTC 2016

<RANT level=MINOR>

Ya know, this is the problem with this kind of list groupthink.

Who cares what his motivations are unless he asks for help with that
underlying problem?

Do you (plural, whoever is replying) know the answer to his question
or where to find the answer or not?

It seems like every technical list is over-run with
meta-conversations, how do I (blah), WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO (blah)?!?!

Often in a sort of accusatory tone, only someone dumb would want to

I think the answer is to disable IPv6 in the web server config or
startup (see flags) but hey I just thought I would meta the meta.

Sorry but I went through about an hour of looking for some way to
trace systemd and all I found on various lists in answer to others
asking the same thing was why would you want to trace systemd? Is this
a standard package causing problems if not then use the standard
package and if there is none then don't use that software (wow what a
good answer...not), or a lot of "it must just be something simple you
don't need to trace anything" (which was probably true but kind of


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