Stop IPv6 Google traffic

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Sun Apr 10 19:44:36 UTC 2016

On the flip side of things instead of putting a bandaid on the burn it is
better to stop putting your hand in the fire.  Nothing wrong with some

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On Sun, Apr 10, 2016 at 3:33 PM, <bzs at> wrote:

> <RANT level=MINOR>
> Ya know, this is the problem with this kind of list groupthink.
> Who cares what his motivations are unless he asks for help with that
> underlying problem?
> Do you (plural, whoever is replying) know the answer to his question
> or where to find the answer or not?
> It seems like every technical list is over-run with
> meta-conversations, how do I (blah), WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO (blah)?!?!
> Often in a sort of accusatory tone, only someone dumb would want to
> (blah)!
> I think the answer is to disable IPv6 in the web server config or
> startup (see flags) but hey I just thought I would meta the meta.
> Sorry but I went through about an hour of looking for some way to
> trace systemd and all I found on various lists in answer to others
> asking the same thing was why would you want to trace systemd? Is this
> a standard package causing problems if not then use the standard
> package and if there is none then don't use that software (wow what a
> good answer...not), or a lot of "it must just be something simple you
> don't need to trace anything" (which was probably true but kind of
> useless.)
> </RANT>
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